12-15 April 2023, Budapest

The Female Voice Of Iran

A film by Andreas Rochholl, Yalda Yazdani and Sebastian Leitner.
German documentary, sub. eng

15 April, Saturday | Toldi mozi, Kisterem
18:20-18:40 Q&A with Yalda Yazdani. Moderator: Lili Mesterházy


Singing can be an act of courage, as the women of Iran know well. Public solo singing for women has been prohibited since 1979 in a country of immeasurably rich and diverse tradition.  Andreas Rochholl, Yalda Yazdani and Sebastian Leitner set out to trace female singers in 11 locations from the Persian Gulf to Tehran. Their journey records the personal stories, resounding voices and beautiful music of these exceptional women. As a result, new friendships were born, a network of singers, and their ties to the rest of the world strengthened. An intimate testimony to the ever growing female voice of Iran from 2020. Friday’s concert by Vienna Acoustic Diaries offers further spells of Iranian music – transfused with jazzy and multiethnic elements.
The screening is followed by a Q&A with ethnomusicologist Yalda Yazdani, one of the film’s creators. Moderator: Lili Mesterházy

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