12-15 April 2023, Budapest

The Sounds that Made Us – Klapa

Hungarian documentary, sub. eng

14 April, Friday 19:00 | Toldi mozi, Kisterem

Island songs, the heritage of klapa – polyphonic male choirs are recorded in this episode of The Sounds that Made Us. The 8-part docuseries trails UNESCO heritage listed musical traditions in travelogue format, giving a light but informative insight into rare cultural treasures. Klapa Ošjak, who also perform at Ritmo, guide viewers along the Dalmatian coast, sharing inside knowledge of a still thriving tradition. Direction by Hangvető’s Balázs Weyer.  
Learn more on klapa, the series and werk insight from director Balázs Weyer in a Q&A after the screening, moderated by Lili Mesterházy.

Private screening. For invited guests only.

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