12-15 April 2023, Budapest

Noise, Entertainment, Identity, Reason to Live: Music in our Hearts

Friday 14.04. | House of Music Hungary

Lecture, Lecture Hall

Leveraging his erudition and conductor’s charisma with irresistible charm, Árpád Tóth creator of Hungary’s largest community choir, speaks about his first and foremost passion: music. It has the power to connect us across the globe, yet separate us into hundreds of subcultures, according to musical taste. Exploring the wondrous art form and the myriad ways it affects humans, Árpád delivers an elegant, enjoyable talk scattered with aha-moments, giving the listener the urge to make (more) music. 

Árpád Tóth is a music teacher, founding art director of Csíkszerda Choir, Night of Choirs festival and the Barefoot Opera Company. He also leads community singing events as a form of social protest.

Árpád Tóth (HU)

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