12-15 April 2023, Budapest

How Music Shapes Our Body and Mind

Saturday 15.04. | House of Music Hungary

Roundtable discussion, Lecture Hall

You must have felt it too, during once-in-a-lifetime experiences or your everyday routine. Music affects our minds and bodies in wondrous ways, opening channels of healing, bonding and self-expression. Experienced as both performers and therapists, Krisztina Borsfay and Patricia Caicedo strengthen us in our musical journey, and add surprising detail backed up by research. 

Author of We are what we listen to, the impact of music on individual and social health, Patricia Caicedo shares her extensive knowledge as physician, musician and musicologist in an inviting manner. Krisztina Borsfay brings her therapist’s empathy to the table. 

Patricia Caicedo (ES)
Krisztina Borsfay (HU)

Moderated by Gergely Fazekas (HU)

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