12-15 April 2023, Budapest



Wednesday 12.04. | House of Music Hungary


In keeping with the spirit of Zar, women play the main role in the Egyptian band Mazaher: Um Sameh, Um Hassan and Nour El Sabah are among the last Egyptian performers of the genre. An ancient tradition dating back centuries, Zar is a ritual music that helps to purify and reconcile the soul, while it also plays an important part in exorcism.
Zar music is believed to be of East African origin, and although the tradition flourished mainly in Egypt, the ritual practice itself was known as far away as the Arabian Peninsula and Persia. The Mazaher ensemble presents not only the music of the ceremony, but the ritual itself as well. The opening night of Budapest Ritmo will not only set the tone for the concert series, but will also help you to become spiritually attuned for the special experiences. It would be a shame to miss it.
Support: Tariqa

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