12-15 April 2023, Budapest

Monsieur Doumani feat. Óperentzia


Saturday 15.04. | Akvárium Klub, Kishall


The psych-folk collab you didn’t know you needed, brought to you by Ritmo. Multi-award winning world music sensation Monsieur Doumani join forces with local party troupers Óperentzia to leave no man standing (motionless). This is your chance to dance to the tzouras, trombone and guitar trio of Doumani whipping up a Mediterranean frenzy aided with loops and effects. The satiating act is taken to another level by the dubby, trancey electronica of Óperentzia, sharing the same musical outlook, using slightly different tools. The forecast predicts a rave rooted in Mediterranian, Balkan and Carpathian heritage. As both groups love to experiment and expand the limits of consciousness, nobody knows what exactly will happen at the Saturday gig, except for one thing: ecstatic dance.

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