12-15 April 2023, Budapest

Zarina Prvasevda

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North Macedonia

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On the verge of authenticity and transferring cultural heritage into self-expression, Macedonian artist Zarina Prvasevda found her own voice on her long-awaited debut album, Eho, a release that contains a unique approach over 11 traditional songs in 4 different languages. Released by Croatia Records, the regionally acclaimed historical label that still defines the cultural diversity of the Balkans, the album summarizes Zarina's artistic vision through freedom and roaming between all the impressions that inspired her through the heritage of folklore. While her vocal techniques rely on Eastern-European and oriental traditions, the instrumental and rhythmic diversity breathes through the whole record. This level of maturity cannot be labeled as world music only - thanks to her social sensitivity, her deep bonds with the nature that surrounds her, and previous collaborations with identical musicians and filmmakers in the region, Zarina is still keen to share the stories she meets with.

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