12-15 April 2023, Budapest

Magalí Sare & Manel Fortiá


Saturday 15.04. | Akvárium Klub, Lokál


Bass and voice, mud and clouds (Fang i Núvols, the title of their album), two prodigies of the new generation of Catalan jazz meet in this duo. They extract amazing range from just the two instruments of voice and double bass. Sare’s voice soars secured by Fortià’s play, then the roles reverse: a constant game of reflection hitting the highs and lows of mood and scale. The musical material spans Catalonia, Spain and Latin America, interpreted through jazzy reflexes and catalysed by the duo’s reactive play. Remarkable individually, Sare and Fortià together release unexpected blasts of energy, making their concerts true delicacies. The programme is supported by Cervantes Institute.

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